About Us
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Our Story

Our story begins with our family patriarch, father and father-in-law, Umberto Marzola, who tweaked the interest in us to take winemaking to a new level. When Umberto arrived from Italy, he brought with him his winemaking skills and style which he gladly shared with the likes of the famed Max Schubert of Penfold’s in the early 1950’s, when they worked together at the Magill vineyards. He recounted the difficulty that Max Schubert was having with the accepting of his bold new Shiraz style. Umberto was there when the first Grange Hermitage was made!

We in the family remember many years of the annual pilgrimage that took place, whereby in the early hours of a Saturday morning, Norina, his wife, would pack a hearty Italian morning tea, before the extended family would set off for the venue of choice to pick grapes. Umberto always stayed behind, finely tuning the winery equipment and ensuring all were in pristine working order ready for the BIG CRUSH. The family would then return with their picking, which was usually met with criticism from Umberto about size, colour and so on! The morning work would end with mass servings of Norina’s famous pasta and sugo.

Umberto has now left us, but left behind his legacy of constant striving for the better Grenache! I hope that our efforts will not be in vain and that he continues to watch over us each and every vintage. Pelican’s Landing Maritime Wines was established in 2001 in a non-traditional grape growing area and is located at the Murray Mouth – the end of the long and winding Great Murray River – on Hindmarsh Island in South Australia. Owned and operated by the Marzola family, we strive to continue the family tradition of winemaking using both provincial Italian and modern day winemaking techniques to produce wines of outstanding quality.

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It is the only vineyard on Hindmarsh Island

Located 1 hrs drive south of Adelaide over the bridge on Hindmarsh Island & at end of the famous Murray River

Privately owned & operated by the Marzola Family

Reclaimed farming land of 80 acres, the vineyard is planted to 18 acres ; combinaCon of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Chardonnay & Viognier. Sauvignon Blanc is sourced from premium fruit in the Adelaide Hills

Planting commenced in 2001 and first ‘Inaugural Vintage’ was 2004 – Mr Percival 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon